George Fan

George is on a quest to eat one million noodles in his lifetime. Beyond that, he is best known for creating the worldwide mega-hit Plants vs. Zombies. He started the company All Yes Good to make games that are easy to pick up and hard to put down. George prefers his steak well-done and his Magic cards rare.

Andy Hull

Programmer, artist, and designer Andy Hull worked as the lead programmer on Spelunky, PC Gamer’s 2013 Game of the Year. Andy next headed up the creation of basketball beat 'em up Dunk Lords for his own company Story Fort. Prior to his work in video games, Andy worked as a toy designer for Melissa and Doug, where he created several best-selling and award-winning toys.

Other Things From George


Published by Popcap Games, the frantic, real time fish-feeding frenzy game.

Plants vs. Zombies

Published by Popcap Games, the original, best-selling game that spawned a franchise.

Magic: The Gathering

George spent time designing for Magic: The Gathering, creating fan-favorite cards Genesis Hydra and Form of the Approach of the Second Sun.